Carabiner 62mm 3 Pack

$25.00 AUD

The versatile carabiner clip. Attach your hat to your pack, your water bottle to your tote, or thread a bandana through it clipped to your waist. We've just scratched the surface on the ultimate utilitarian accessory. And if you're upgrading your keychain, our custom design features a StayPut crossbar, so your keys stay put, and everything else stays accessible.


Sold as a 3-pack, including a red, blue, and black carabiner. Available in two sizes - 62mm and 49mm.

• Custom design
• StayPut crossbar
• Laser etched logo

Features & Specs

• Custom design
• Lightweight
• Durable
• Wire gate
• StayPut crossbar
• Laser etched logo

Materials: Anodized aluminum

Dimensions: 62mm long

Made in Vietnam

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